Lloyds TSB Rifle club is open to new members (whether bank employees or not), shooting 25yd smallbore (.22) and fullbore (.308) prone target rifle. Both beginners and more experienced shooters are welcome.
You would initially join as a probationary member, which lasts a minimum of three months, which is used by us to teach you basic shooting and range safety skills (although if you already hold an appropriate Firearms Certificate then this period can be reduced at the discretion of the committee).
Upon successfully completing the probationary period and demonstrating that you are a safe shooter, the committee will approve full membership. There are no membership fees for probationary members in either discipline.
Prior to shooting with us for the first time, we are obliged to provide certain details to the Police.
When do we shoot
Smallbore shooting is no longer shot in Central London since the loss of our range at Blackfriars as a result of the Thames Tideway project. We do still enter team and individual competitions as a club via postal leagues, which are shot at members local clubs.
We usually meet as a club for a smallbore spring meet around Bisley in April, and Peterborough in early November, where we combine our competition with an open shoot.
Fullbore shooting at ranges from 300yds to 1100yds takes place at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley between March and September.
The schedule for outdoor events is available on the Events and Matches page of our website
For full members the annual fees are;
£15 for smallbore shooting postal competitions only (and not using club facilities), and social members
£45 for a single discipline (Fullbore  or Smallbore) using club facilities and
£70 for those shooting both fullbore and Smallbore disciplines.
Additional costs are incurred for use of the ranges and equipment. Typical “per shoot” costs are shown below;
With the exception of the spring meeting and Peterborough tour, members would pay their own costs
Costs for outdoor events are higher
Clubhouse fees (per day) £4
Rifle use £4 per day
Match fee £62 per full day (£31 per 1/2 day) – fees Include marker/Range hire and Ammunition)
We have a clubhouse at Bisley which has a kitchen/dining area with cooker, fridge etc. and a seating area for about 10.
Sleeping accommodation at Bisley is currently under review. We have an old sleeper carriage which used to provide overnight accommodation, however it will be removed early in 2017. We have provisionally sourced a replacement, although it will not become available until 2018. We are permitted by the NRA to camp at our clubhouse in the meantime.
Membership enquiries can be made to our Secretary (