Astor Match 2017

The County Astor match for the City Of London was shot against the Stock Exchange Rifle Club.

The match is two sighters and seven shots to count at with all six shooter counting.

The Stock Exchange Rifle put out a strong team and scored 19 point more than us.

P JohnsonT Rule35.432.231.298.8
I DampneyT Rule32.13231.295.3
G MarplesT Rule32.334.432.398.10
A HopkinsP Johnson35.333.335.3103.9
M SheppardP Johnson33.333.433.399.10
T RuleP Johnson33.232.235.2100.6
LTSB Total593.46
SERC Total612.58
Top Scorer
Lloyds TSBT Hopkins103.9
SERCP Charleton104.15