About the Club

In 2021 the club’s name changed to the Dark Horse Rifle Club from Lloyds TSB Rifle Club to represent the membership being open to anyone.

The club has both fullbore and smallbore sections with members shooting throughout the United Kingdom. The club is open to applications anyone.

We are based at the old railway station at Bisley Camp, where both a clubhouse and overnight accommodation is available.


Fullbore shooting is predominantly at Bisley, Surrey, where Club teams compete regularly in competitions from March to October against other banks, clubs, County teams, Universities and the Armed Forces Rifle Clubs. A number of practice targets are also arranged throughout the year for any member of the club, of any standard, to shoot and be coached, using club equipment if required.


Smallbore rifle shooting is now based on 25yds postal league competitions.

Until March 2015, the club had access to the Lord Wakefield range in London, but have had to cease shooting at this location due to the Thames Tideway Project.

Smallbore members will now shoot at their local club, however a range of internal and external competition leagues will ensure club smallbore members offered the chance of shooting against opposition of the highest standard.

Outdoor smallbore shooting with the Club occurs at two events.

Firstly, our “Spring Meeting” in April which consists of the London v Country Match, Club AGM and Annual Dinner followed.

Secondly, the Smallbore Tour, which we run in the Autumn which for a number of years has been at the Norman Cross Range near Peterborough.

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