Catastrophe Match

A challenging day with weather making the long range shoot difficult especially in the afternoon at 1100 yards. We had two targets with ten shooters. Martin Shepard suffered a water logged eagle eye and retired at 900 yards.

It was decide to have teams of 6 with the best five to count. We nominated 6 shooters for the team

Ian and Glyn coached one target and Trevor coached the second all day and did not shoot as we did not have enough coaches. The wind by the end of the day difficult.

Will our guest for the day picked a good day to try out full-bore.

ShooterCoach900 yards1000 yards1100 YardsTotal
Alan CoxonTrevor Rule43.337.022.0102.3
Ian Dampney
Glyn Marples46.442.129.0117.5
Peter WaleTrevor Rule40.145.138.0123.2
Glyn MarplesIan Dampney32.144.341.0117.4
Colin WhiltshireIan Dampney44.341.322.0107.6
Tony HopkinsIan Dampney43.144.3693.4
Peter LearTR/GM/TR3845.139.0122.1
Bernard BushGlyn Marples44.242.326112.5
Will HiltonTrevor Rule16.