Club Championships 2015

We had warm sunny weather and not much wind which was a good end to our season. The only problem we had was that the Range Office cancelled out target for Sunday after I requested the target was reduced from two to one target . We managed to get a 600 yard target for Sunday Morning, but with no marker.  So Tony was given a introduction to marking.

On Saturday we shoot 300 and 500 yards in the morning and  500 yards in the afternoon. The averages I used were from last year Championships, except for Paul and Tony. I used Paul’s Queens 1 score and Tony score from the RAF match.

Paul had the best gun score of the day and Bernie had the best handicapped score.



A Coxon13746.447.346.2139.94th24th
P Johnson14448.549.747.4144.161st05th
G Marples13548.446.145.3139.85th43rd
G Baylis14745.549.548.4142.142nd-57th
B Bush11244.245.137.0126.37th141st
R Knight13243.245.443131.66th-16th
T Hopkins13547.446.346.3139.103rd42nd

We shot 600 yards twice on Sunday. Tony and Glyn marked first and Geoff and Paul marked Tony, Glyn and Bernie  shot.

Geoff had the best gun score for the morning and Paul had the best aggregate of the weekends shoots.

The Ashworth Cup for best aggregate score was Paul

The St James Cup for the best handicap score was Bernie.


NAME600PositionWeekend AgPosition
A Coxon96.113235.23
P Johnson97.162241.321
G Marples93.94232.174
G Baylis98.91240.232
B Bush85.57211.087
R Knight88.46219.16
T Hopkins91.55230.155