Club Championships

On Saturday the weather was  wet and windy for some of us, although the some people managed to stay dry all day.  Geoff was the clear winner at short range dropping only three shots all day.

G Baylis47.550.450.7147.161st
A Coxon041.145.296.2
B Bush41.141.130.0112.2
F Slevin45.245.245.0135.73rd
R Knight0044.044.0
G Marples45.242.248135.82nd

Sunday was a cold start with ice on the car windows  but it was a still sunny morning. There are little wind. Frank had a good shoot and had the best long range score with Alan a close second.


G Baylis45.245.290.43rd
A Coxon49.744.093.72nd
B Bush43.241.384.5
F Slevin49.646.395.91st
R Knight43.242.085.2
G Marples46.341.087.3
P Raphael46.241.287.4


The aggregate of the two days shoot was Geoff although Frank did his best to catch him.

The hanndicap shot which was using the average score from the meeting or earlier shots in the year was won by Frank beating his average by 7 points. Geoff was second with 2 points over his average.


SaturdaySundayAggregateAverageAggregate AdjustedPosition
G Baylis147.1690.4237.20235-1.53rd
A Coxon86.393.7179.10223-7.5
B Bush112.284.5196.7203.522nd
F Slevin135.495.9230.1422371st
R Knight44.085.2129.2190-61
G Marples135.987.3222.12223.5-1.5
P Raphael87.4