London and Middlesex League Round 1 2015

We had a sunny day for the first round of the league.  The top five scores to count.

The London and Middlesex website will have the full results. But a summary of  our scores are below.

 300 Yards500 YardsTotalCoach
G Baylis49.448.597.9G Marples
I Dampney
46.547.293.7G Marples
T Rule47.144.291.3G Marples
P Wale47.443.290.6G Marples
T Hopkins47.443.190.5G Marples
M Sheppard43.045.488.4G Marples
ManyDown RC485.46
Old Haberdashers A466.32
Lloyds TSB RC461.30
Whitgift Veterans RC455.29
SERC A437.29
East Barnet RC432.13
SERC B403.6
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