Club Championships 2022

The club championships were held over the weekend of 24th/25th September. Originally the shoot was meant to be held all day Sunday with a practice on Saturday afternoon, but due to marker issues we shot long range on Saturday afternoon and short range on Sunday morning, with the short range being marked by Paul, Glyn and Edward.

Scores were as follows:

Name300600Short Range Total9001000Long Range TotalGrand Total
Edward Feast47.548.495.941.246.487.6182.15
Geoff Baylis48.548.196.646.441.087.4183.10
Glyn Marples48.648.496.1040.145.185.2181.12
Max Brown47.745.392.1048.446.494.8186.18
Paul Johnson46.349.795.1046.348.594.8189.18
Phillip Raphael43.
Tony Hopkins48.743.291.944.245.289.4180.13

Trophies were presented Sunday lunchtime as follows:

Frank Clarke Bowl (short range agg) – Glyn Marples

John Winter Salver (short range handicap) – Glyn Marples

Webster Trophy (long range agg) – Paul Johnson

Mauger Cup (long range handicap) – Tony Hopkins

Ashworth Cup (overall top score) – Paul Johnson

St. James’s Cup (overall top handicap score) – Tony Hopkins

Two Imperial Meeting trophies were also presented. Geoff Baylis won the Gordon Bennett trophy for the highest placed club member in the Grand Aggregate (having not won it in the previous 3 years) and Paul Johnson won the Spiriti Cup for the highest placed club member in the Queens Prize (having not won it in the previous 3 years).