LMRA Round 3 – 5th June 2016

The final round of the LMRA league took place in sunny conditions with tricky wind. Our marker at 1000 didn’t help much, with quite a bit of odd marking and a fair few Message 4’s required… Paul coached for the day (thank you).

Name900 Yards1000 YardsTotal
Ian Dampney49.343.292.5
Trevor Rule45.444.489.8
Martin Sheppard44.242.286.4
Maziar Homayounnejad43.242.285.4
Tony Hopkins47.438.085.4
Peter Wale
(counted out)
Total 5 from 6437.25
Division 1 Rd 3 ResultsManydown477.39
Old Haberdashers 'A'450.26
Lloyds TSB437.25
Division 1 ResultsTeamPointsPosition
Old Haberdashers A82
Lloyds TSB44