Match Against ARMY TRC 2015

15th March 2015

We had eleven shooters and the Army had ten. We agreed teams of best eight to count.

It was decided to shoot two sighters and seven shots to count at short range and two sighters and ten shots at long range. After shooting 900 yards it was decided to only shoot two sighters seven to count at 1000 yards.

It was a dull day with a very cold wind.  A fine rain caused some visibility issues at long range.

Thanks to Ian, Paul , Geoff and  Trevor for coaching.

The Army beat us by 77  points.
P Johnson33.333.435.249.535.6185.20
I Dampney34.432.234.148.330.2178.12
G Baylis33.334.431.244.534.2176.16
T Rule30.232.433.248.633.1176.15
P Wale30.131.234.344.431170.10
M Sheppard33.332.
T Hopkins24.233.330.247.529163.12
B Bush302833.436.434.6161.14
C Wiltshire1930.133.436.334.6152.14
P Lear2833.332.248.50141.10
G Marples31.233.426.10090.07