LMRA Round 2 – 15th May 2016

The NRA were unable to supply markers for round 2 of the LMRA league, so we self marked. Thanks go to Paul, Trevor and Glyn for sharing the marking. As we were only six, this made it a bit tricky with wind coaching, plus the wind wasn’t that easy to read, especially at 600 yards. The results were as follows:

Name300 Yards600 YardsTotal
Paul Johnson49.947.596.14
Trevor Rule48.546.494.9
Glyn Marples45.246.191.3
Tony Hopkins43.345.288.5
Peter Wale46.240.286.4
Maziar Homayounnejad (counted out)
Total 5 from 6455.35
Old Haberdashers 'A'478.48
Lloyds TSB455.35