Club Championships 2019

The Club Championships were held over the weekend of 21st/22nd September 2019. We shot 2 & 10 at 300, 500 & 600 yards on Saturday and 2 & 10 at 900 & 1000 yards on Sunday morning. On Saturday we enjoyed clear blue sky all day. It rained heavily overnight and we hoped that it would stay dry on Sunday morning. Well it did, for most of the morning, until the last detail at 1000 yards (sorry Ian and Tony).

The scores were as follows:

Paul Johnson47.649.343.1139.10
Tony Hopkins44.349.645.5138.14
Glyn Marples47.346.444.2137.9
Geoff Baylis46.445.145.3136.8
Ian Dampney46.245.343.3134.8
Robin Nyman41.242.144.2127.5
Nick Hill33.033.039.1105.1
Jeff Watts20.
Bryan Myles31.
Paul Johnson49.445.594.9
Geoff Baylis49.444.393.7
Glyn Marples47.245.392.5
Ian Dampney49.236.285.4
Tony Hopkins47.321.068.3
NameSat/Sun Agg
Paul Johnson233.19
Geoff Baylis229.15
Glyn Marples229.14
Ian Dampney219.12
Tony Hopkins206.17

Two trophies were presented:

Paul won the Ashworth Cup for highest aggregate score.

Glyn won the St. James’s Cup for best weekend handicap score.

It has been agreed to re-allocate some cups that are no longer shot for. The following will be presented at a later date:

Paul wins the Frank Clarke Bowl (top score Saturday)

Tony wins the John Winter Salver (top handicap score Saturday)

Paul wins the Webster Trophy (top score Sunday)

Glyn win the Mauger Cup (top handicap score Sunday)

This weekend we would normally present the Gordon Bennett Trophy (top score in the Imperial Grand Agg, not having won it in the previous 3 years) and the Ernie Spiriti Cup (top in the Imperial Queens competition, not having won it in the previous 3 years), but the winner was unable to attend this weekend. They both go to our new member Reg Curtis.

Well done to everyone and hopefully we will shoot this competition at the same time next year.