London and Middlesex League Round 2 2015

We had a sunny day for the second round of the league. Geoff and Ian coached the team of five.
The London and Middlesex website will have the full results. But a summary of our scores are below.
The points award for each round are not published by the LMRA, these are my interpetation of the scoring system.

300 yds600 ydsTotal
G Marples50.547.497.9
I Dampney49.645.494.10
T Rule47.347.194.4
T Hopkins45.247.392.5
G Baylis45.546.491.9
DIVISION 1PointsTotal
ManyDown RC489.5648
Lloyds TSB468.3734
Old Haberdashers A461.3324
SERC A467.7747
Whitgift Veterans454.3137
East Barnet SC415.2124
SERC B430.2112