Catastrophe Match 2018

Weather was good with a variable wind and a short light rain shower early afternoon. We had a team of 6 with all 6 to count (2 and 10 at 900 & 1000 and 2 and 15 at 1100). Even though Fred had problems hitting the target at 1100 yards, we still managed to finish 5th out of 6 teams entered.

Thanks to Glyn and Paul for coaching.

Glyn Marples49.639.160.3148.10
Tony Hopkins42.146.261.4149.7
Alan Coxon46.342.161.2149.6
Fred West43.
Phillip Raphael45.140.160.3145.5
Paul Johnson47.345.359.1151.7
1st LMRA945.70
2nd RIFRAF944.51
3rd NLRC941.69
4th RNTRC941.50
5th Lloyds TSB839.36
6th Parthians824.58