Club Championships – 24th/25th September 2016

The club championships were held over the weekend of 24th/25th September. We shot short range on Saturday and long range on Sunday morning. We had to shoot 1000 yards twice as 900 yards was not available due to the English VIII shooting back to 1200 yards. The weather was kind to us this year, staying dry, but with some tricky wind! Unfortunately we were down on numbers this year due to holidays (and croquet finals), but we intend to hold next years championships around the same weekend.

Name300 yards500 yards600 yardsSaturday total1000 yards1000 yardsSunday totalWeekend Aggregate
Alan Coxon44.246.168.4158.746.546.292.7250.14
Geoff Baylis46.347.472.6165.1344.147.391.4256.17
Martin Sheppard46.546.568.1160.1143.143.186.2246.13
Paul Johnson49.446.470.7165.1545.249.494.6259.21
Peter Wale41.336.059.1136.429.143.272.3208.7
Tony Hopkins49.543.370.6162.1439.145.284.3246.17
Trevor Rule44.349.570.3163.1144.245.489.6252.17

Paul Johnson won the Ashworth Cup for highest weekend aggregate.

Tony Hopkins won the St. James Cup for best handicap score.

Peter Wale was awarded the Donegal Badge for sheer determination and an excellent recovery on the second 1000 yard detail!

We had intended to award two other cups, but the recipient was unable to attend. The cups were the Gordon Bennett Trophy, awarded to the highest person in the Imperial Meeting Grand Aggregate (not having won it in the previous 3 years), and the Spiriti Cup, awarded to the highest person in the Queens competition at the Imperial Meeting (again, not having won it in the previous 3 years). Ian Dampney has won both!