Catastophe match 2017

Sunny weather and not much wind don’t normally coincide with The Catastrophe match, but that’s what happened this year! The wind may have been light but it was movinaround and changing speed.

The match was 2 and 10 at 900yds and 1000yds in the morning, and 2 and 15 at 1100yds in the afternoon.

We had a team of six, with the top five to count. It should have been six to count but the North London only had a team of five.


Trevor,  Paul and Glyn coached.


Name900 yards1000 yards1100 yardsTotal
Trevor Rule47.4
Glyn Marples47.339.162.2148.6
Tony Hopkins
Paul Johnson48.344.458.4150.11
Alan Coxon47.439.264.1150.7
Bryan Miles45.3
Top Scorer
LMRA 809.52
C Freeman 164.11
NLRC800.66R Bird 166.17
RNTRC789.55C Dickinson 166.16
RIF RAF777.32N Wells 162.9

LTSBRC760.40A Hopkins 158.8
Parthians708.37C Alexander 156.9