Club Championships 19/9/21

As per last year, we held the club championships on just the Sunday rather than both Saturday and Sunday. The day started off cool and cloudy and we had a light shower during the morning session. Luckily we had an excellent marker at 600 yards and we finished early for lunch, during which there was a heavy shower. The afternoon stayed dry and warmed up a little.

Scores were as follows:

Name600600Short Range Total9001000Long Range TotalTotal
Geoff Baylis49.447.396.749.847.096.8192.15
Paul Johnson48.649.597.1149.546.295.7192.18
Tony Hopkins43.245.288.443.040.083.0171.4
Alan Coxon43.245.488.644.344.088.3176.9
Eddie Kooiker24.029.153.1
Edward Feast45.349.694.950.646.496.10190.19

Paul was top at short range with 97.11 and wins the Frank Clarke Bowl.

Edward was top at long range with 96.10 and wins the Webster Trophy.

Paul was top score overall with 192.18 and wins the Ashworth Cup.

Alan had a good day and won all three handicap trophies – the John Winter Salver for short range, the Mauger Cup for long range, and the St. James Cup for overall score. Unfortunately, all three cups were unavailable (I will be introducing fines for cups not returned on time!)

This weekend we normally present the Gordon Bennett Trophy (top score in the Imperial Grand, not having won it in the previous three years) and the Spiritti Cup (top score in the Imperial Queens, not having won it in the previous three years). Edward Feast has won both of these and the cups are available at Bisley.

Thank you for taking part. Hopefully we will get a few more entries next year.