Catastrophy 2015

Sunny weather and not much wind don’t normally co-incide with The Catastophy match, but thats what happened this year!

A large LTSB turnout of eleven, with the top 5 to count.

2 and 10 at 900yds and 1000yds in the morning, and 2 and 15 at 1100yds in the afternoon.

Trevor, Ian, Paul and John coached.

The team came a respectable 3rd;

1st   North ‘A’                                            842.75

2nd RNTRC                                                823.68

3rd LTSB RC                                               805.63

4th North ‘B’                                             798.62

5th LMRA                                                    765.49

6th Partheans                                           750.39

J Evans49.549.572.8170.18
P Johnson47.448.271.9166.15
C Wiltshire48.449.562.3159.12
M Sheppard47.444,265.3156.9
T Rule48.448.458.1154.9
I Dampney44.343.267.1154.6
T Hopkins43.345.165.4153.8
B Bush44.243.259.1146.5
A Coxon49.642.2-
P Wale-40.257.1
F West-41.351.0