RAF v Hereford and Worcester – Sunday 28th April 2019

We had 4 shooters for the match against the RAFTRC and Hereford and Worcester. Strong winds fish tailed down the range making for tricky condition in the afternoon at long range.

We had a team of 4 and the other teams had best for of …. I am not sure what number.

The result was as follows:

P Johnson48.346.145.338177.7
T Hopkins49.53944.137.1169.7
C Wiltshire47.342.341.140.0170.7
G Marples49.843.047.442.3181.15
Total 697.36
RAF TRC A741.64Highest ScoreClark189.14
H&W720.44Highest ScoreR Cumber181.12
Lloyds TSB RC697.36Highest Score
G Marples181.15
RAF TRC B696.42

Paul and Glyn were the coaches.