Catastrope Match 2019

A very windy day.
We were surprised the NRA did not close the range in the afternoon. They said the wind was 18mph gusting to 25mph. At 28mph they would have closed the range. Someone from one of the other teams had a hand held anemometer and they had reading of 22mph gusting to 36mph. I think the misses we all had were in the 36mph gusts. We all had some, unfortunately Alan had 6. It was a challenge for Ian and Glyn coaching.
The best 4 shooters were counted.


Reg Curtis41.341.353.2135.8
Ian Dampney46.5 36.651.3133.8
Joe Baldwin42.443.148.1133.6
Glyn Marples45.338.149.1132.5
Alan Coxon40.142.325.1107.5 (not counted)
1st NLRC600.35
2nd RIFRAF562.19
3rd LMRA560.20
4th Lloyds TSB533.27
5th Parthians513.24
6th RNTRC249.10
( only 2 shooting)