Club Championships 2018

What can I say – WET!!!

The Club Championships were held over the weekend of 22nd/23rd September 2018. We shot 2 & 10 at 300, 500 & 600 yards on Saturday (standard target and marker) and 2 & 10 at 900 & 1000 yards on Sunday morning (electronic target). The advantage of string shooting on an electronic target is that you don’t have to lie down in the rain for as long as when shooting on a standard target with two other shooters!

Despite the heavy rain on Sunday, I think everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Scores were as follows:

Paul Johnson50.449.549.5148.141
Geoff Baylis48.448.249.6145.122
Ian Dampney48.446.448.4142.123
Glyn Marples48.646.246.0140.84
Tony Hopkins44.148.442.1134.65
Alan Coxon44.243.246.3133.76
Bryan Myles40.139.235.3114.67
Paul Johnson48.649.597.111
Geoff Baylis48.846.494.122
Glyn Marples47.545.392.83
Ian Dampney45.144.389.44
NameSat/Sun AggRankHandicap Rank
Paul Johnson245.2514
Geoff Baylis239.2421
Glyn Marples232.1633
Ian Dampney231.1642

Paul Johnson won the Ashworth Cup for the highest weekend aggregate.

Geoff Baylis won the St. James Cup for the best handicap score.